AP govt announce Chandranna Pelli Kanuka for BCs

rp_Chander-Babu-Naidu-298x300-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-1-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-1-298x300-298x300-298x300-1-298x300-298x300.jpgAndhra Pradesh has announced new scheme for newly married backwards classes couple, providing financial aide.

The white card holders are eligible for this scheme which is named as Chandranna Pelli Kanuka. The bride should be above 18 and groom above 21 years age and their education should be above 10th class.

When all the above conditions are satisfied, The couple will be gifted Rs. 30,000. Andhra Pradesh Cabinet has approved a new scheme which puts burden of Rs. 120 crore on govt treasury on average of 40k marriages . The scheme will be started from Jan 2018.