AP among top 5 states

In the year 2011, Andhra Pradesh was one of the top five states in terms of total contribution to road traffic crashes in India, according World Health Organisation (WHO). In its report here today, the WHO said a sizable of 8.9 per cent (44,294 of the total 497,686 crashes) were reported from Andhra Pradesh (one crash every 12 minutes). Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh together accounted for 55.4 per cent of the crashes and rest 30 states and UTs of India accounted for 44.6 per cent of the crashes. For every ten road crashes that occur in India, one crash was contributed by Andhra Pradesh, the reports said, adding in 2011, of the total 142,485 fatalities reported in India, Andhra Pradesh accounted for 15,165 deaths (10.6 per cent). Uttar Pradesh, TN, AP, Maharashtra and Rajasthan together accounted for 52.2 per cent of the crash-related deaths and rest 30 states and UTs of India accounted for 47.8 per cent, the report said. Out of the 1951 vehicles involved in road traffic crashes in 2012 in Hyderabad (andhra Pradesh), more than half (1118 vehicles) were either four-wheelers or two-wheelers as per the data provided by Hyderabad Traffic police, the reports added.