Anushka may face CBI enquiry !

Off late, sexy Arabian horse Anushka is not at all giving a chance to any Tollywood filmmaker to rope her in. Well, several rumors are heard about her resistance towards Telugu Film Industry and here goes the latest one!
Initially, many people have quoted that her ‘love’ with a star-hero’s son, another star-hero, is the reason for her distancing. Later, focus moved slowly to Income Tax raids, where Anushka was said to have caught for more than 200 crores of uncalculated assets. Latest buzz is that her romantic-hero friend, who happens to be a close associate of a former CM got information from CBI sleuths about a possible raid on him. If he is questioned, then Anushka will be their next target, as babu’s closeness to her is known to one and all.
For now, Anushka is not at all travelling to Hyderabad even though some important event takes place here. But, if CBI really wants to question her, boundaries are not big matter as they can catch an rat from any hole. Hitherto, a rumor is rumor. Watch this space for more interesting updates.