Anupam Kher reacts on Pakistan Visa denial

anupamArt has no boundaries, there are lots of fans for Indian celebrities in Pakistan, However Bollywood actor Anupam Kher – one of the prominent actors was denied Visa by Pakistan government.

He was invited by the organizer of the Karachi Literature Festival. She informed that the Pakistan govt officials told her that don’t invite Anupam Kher without citing the reason.

Reacting on this Actor Anupam Kher said He did not personally ask for a visa, the organizers of Karachi Literature Festival did. For last 15 days, all his visa documents are ready.

He said, He is not angry on anyone but hurt and saddened. He said, He was probably the only actor from Bollywood who wrote an open letter condemning attack on Peshawar school.

He said, He want to know what others who are invited to Karachi think about him being denied visa,but yes He don’t have anything against them.

He said, He salute Amina, the organizer of Karachi literature Festival, who categorically blamed Pakistan High Commission.

He added that He will go to Pakistan if He is given a visa in the future.