Anti-rape Electro Shoe to combat perpetrators

anti-rape footwareRape isn’t a easy thing to combat for women, But now their sandals can turn into anti-rape weapons to protect themselves from perpetrators of crimes.

A 18-year-old high school graduate Siddharth Mandala designed ‘Electro Shoe’ that could act as a weapon for girls.

When Siddharth Mandala was 12 years old ,Delhi Nirbhaya rape incident took place and moved by this incident, He along with his friend Abhishek started working on this anti-rape shoe that produces 0.1 amp electricity when kicked.

When someone attacks a girl, she just need to kick him which gives as electric shock and also sends a alert message to nearby police station and also to the family members.

There is a battery attached to the shoe which is changed by walking, mechanical energy by walking is converted into electrical energy. There is no need to carry pepper spray, say Siddharth.