Another twist in Beautician Sirisha death mystery

rp_beautician-sirisha-si-prabhakar-reddy-300x200.jpgAnother twist in Beautician Sirisha death case mystery, Sirisha had in fact shared two locations to her husband, Sathish Chandra before committing suicide.

According to police boss press meet, Sirisha was taken to police quarters in Kukunoorpally to meet SI Prabhakar Reddy but According to her relatives, Sirisha was never taken to police quarters. Rather she has shared two locations, one is Kukunoorpally highway and another is a resort.

The police have asked for five days custody of accused Rajiv and Sravan and the audio conversation between Sirisha and her friend Naveen and Rajiv have been sent to the forensic lab. In the audio tape, Sirisha requests Naveen to get the audio tape containing the conversation between Rajiv and Tejaswini.

Police suspect molestation of Sirish in Kukunoorpally and they have already sent her panty which had blood stains on it for lab testing.

Another interesting update is that The A1 accused Sravan has sketched the plot by cheating all. First, he made a call to SI Prabhakar Reddy and told him ” Anna Sirish is a leading beautician if we offer her she would be useful for us un future, I will bring her.. You decide after seeing her”. Later he called Rajeev and said ” Do you want to get rid of Sirisha?, You have to offer something for SI Prabhakar Reddy ‘, said Sravan.

While police are not considering the audio tapes conversation of Sirisha with her friends. They have asked the court for police remand of Sravan and Rajeev.