Another political leap!

After walking out of the YSR Congress party, seasoned actor Dr Rajsekhar is all set to join the BJP on April 25 in the presence of top BJP leaders such as Venkaiah Naidu, Bandaru Dattatreya and Kishan Reddy among others.

Impressed with the saffron party’s crusade against rampant corruption he says, “We have been discussing with BJP leaders for the past few months and have resolved to join the party since it’s the only party that is serious about eradicating corruption, while other parties are just resorting to lip service.” Dr Rajsekhar will be going to Delhi to meet with top national leaders and will also hold a press conference there.

“I will also meet with other national leaders in Delhi and receive their blessings,” he says. He brands the Telugu Desam, Congress and YSR Congress as “corrupt,” “power-seeking parties” and regrets being associated with them. “I regret it and have discovered that these parties are craving power and money and are busy swindling the people’s money to build empires for themselves, while discarding their primary duty of serving people of the state. Even though people are suffering,” he points out.

Even on the contentious Telangana issue, he supports the separate-statehood agenda of the BJP. “I undoubtedly, think that only the BJP can do justice to the long-pending statehood issue with legitimate bifurcation,” he says.

The actor also supports the Deccan Chargers and has been travelling with his family to watch all five matches. “Unfortunately, we lost a few close encounters, but I am sure the bulls will bounce back and the competent team is bound to come down hard on their opponents. Both my daughters want the Deccan Chargers to lift the cup like in the past,” he says. Dr Rajsekhar joins Venkatesh and Siddharth in supporting the Hyderabad Team.