Anjali Papa’s Re entry !

To those who are familiar with the films of the 80s, the movie Anjali can never be forgotten. It was more like a trendsetter from the great Mani Ratnam and most importantly, the title role essayed by Baby Shamili struck a strong chord with the audience and especially the parents of kids.

Since then Shamili has always been called as Anjali Papa. Now, it is heard that the time has come for her return. Few years ago, she was seen in the film Oye alongside Siddharth and the film bombed. At that time, many said Shamili went to Singapore and never wanted to return to films.

But now, it is heard that she is gearing up to arrive into Mollywood and this would be through a new film which is being directed by a debutante named Parthasarathy. Many are hoping that Shamili has cut down her weight as she got severe feedback during the time of Oye. Welcome back Anjali Papa!!