Anitha files 1cr defamation suit against Roja

anitha-rojaTDP Payakaraopeta MLA Anitha has filed defamation suit against YSRCP MLA Roja.

Anitha has filed a defamation case of Rs one crore against Roja and said she will not go back till she gets justice. Notices have been sent to Roja in this regard.

Anitha said ,she being a Dalit, felt severely hurt, when Roja made objectionable personal remarks against her in the Assembly. She said , She and her family felt embarrassment with Roja remarks . Roja had made abusive remarks against her family which is equivalent to character assassination,said Anitha.

Earlier A Video footage exposed Roja in which Roja shouted “I didn’t go to police station by manhandling husband like Anitha. I didn’t sleep with anyone. How dare, these people(TDP) talk about me and my character,” .