Animals creating problems to NTR Dammu

Animals are the latest headache for Tollywood film-makers. While they are essential part in most films, the Animal Welfare Board of India has come down hard on purported mistreatment of the animals during shooting. In the latest instance, theBoard, on March, 22, denied permission to themakers of Dhammu for filming with animals.

Animals (Registration) Rules-2011 mandate a pre-shooting permission and NOC from the Board after the shooting. Bharatiya Pranimitra Sangh chief executive Mahesh Agarwal said, “No permission will be given for filming animals. We have seen several shootings, where animals died while performing. Officials rarely inspect the site and filmmakers escape without punishment. He said theanimals are trained with a short deadline for most films, which make trainers torture them by beating, caning and whipping.

The makers of Dhammu were denied permission to use pigeons in the background of a fight sequence.  Permission for the use of four horses for the same film was denied because the film company didn’t disclose how it would transport the horses from Chennai to Hyderabad.