Angarag Papon Kiss controversy

papanSinger Angarag Papon is being criticised by entire media for kissing an 11-year minor girl, judging a children reality show.

While the media stated that Papon kissed a minor, forcing himself upon her on her lips, holding her Jaw. But the Manashi has finally talked about it and cleared the air.

Manashi said it was a fatherly-hood kiss without any bad intention, he was doing Masti in front of her parents and has done nothing wrong, said the girl.

Papon may label it as his idea of affection for his mentees but his was clearly a bad touch and made the child uncomfortable. He only stopped when he was told that the act was being relayed on Facebook live. His reaction hints that he’s a serial offender.

Papon quits the reality show till the matter in which he has been implicated is fully resolved and the investigation is over as case under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act filed against him