Andhra student goes missing in US !

According to media sources, Harsha Maddula, a P.A. student, studying in Evanston North Western University in U.S went missing since Saturday. The police along with FBI are in search of him. Harsha hails from Andhra Pradesh. 

Friends and family are worried about the safety of Harsha Maddula, 18, an engineering-pre med student at Northwestern University in Illinois, who has been missing since early Saturday morning.

Maddula, whose family lives in New Hyde Park, New York, was last seen around 12.30 am leaving an off-campus party at Public Affairs Residential College, off campus of the Northwestern University, according to an emergency alert sent to the university community.

“We are worried about his safety. The investigation is moving on a slow pace. He is diabetic and without medicine he will be in more trouble,” Soumya Maddula, a relation in New York, who is a medical student at Albert Einstein Medical School, said.

The McCormick sophomore is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 135 pounds, according to the emergency alert. He was last seen wearing a gray long-sleeve sweater with white and black stitching, dark gray pants and brown shoes, a university release said.

Friends from Maddula’s dorm told ‘The Daily’ that they last saw him while leaving the off-campus party. “They realised that he wasn’t with them while they were walking to another party,” said a friend of Maddula who was with him at the party.

Maddula left the party with three or four people, according to multiple sources who saw his group leaving the house. Some said they spoke with Maddula at the party recalled him not stumbling or visibly intoxicated, as he left.