Andhra Jyothi paper on Sale !!

Andhra Jyothy managing director Vemuri Radhakrishna  is planning for restructuring of the management. May be he is planning to sell a major portion of the equity in the daily to a big player and confine himself to the ABN Andhra Jyothy channel.

Radhakrishan who has grown to the stature of the managing director of the same daily in which he had worked as an ordinary reporter, seems to have stepped out of the daily. For strange reasons, his name disappeared from the imprint line of the daily since Wednesday and it was replaced by Koganti Venkata Seshagiri Rao as printer and publisher. Rao is said to be Radhakrishna’s brother-in-law. Interestingly, Radhakrishna’s name was also removed as the managing director in the imprint line.Though it is believed that the change had been effected in view of certain bank obligations of the publishing house, there are reports that the daily was not doing well financially.