Andhra Jyothi is a ‘Dagul Baji’ paper : TRS MP

sumanTRS party leaders seems to be very irritated with the articles published by the  Telugu daily Andhra Jyothi against the Telangana chief minister K. Chandrashekar Rao and dragging the CM’s name in Sahara Provident Fund management, when KCR was holding the union labour ministry during 2004- 2006.

AJ has been publishing series of stories against the CM for last fews days after CBI questioned the CM recently . It alleged that KCR has taken decision favouring Sahara management in Provident Fund management

Irritated TRS leaders held pressmets to burst out their anger on the media Andhra Jyothi  and its managing director Vemuri Radha Krishna. TRS Peddapalli MP Balka Suman went ahead to call the AJ –  A ‘Dagul Baji’ paper , he also called AJ MD as “Neech Kamine Kethe” for damaging the image of KCR.  He said,  Radhakrishna always criticise KCR while eating,  sleeping and awake.