Anchor Tejaswini Commits Suicide

tejaswiniFormer anchor Tejaswini (25) found dead in a suspicious state. The incident took place at the MBMR colony near Edakkugalu in Kankipadu Mandal in Krishna district in AP.

Tejaswi was married to Mattapalli Pawan Kumar of Nallapadu village in Guntur district five years ago. As the castes were different, their family elders did not accept the marriage. The couple were staying in a rented house at the MBMR colony. Pawan is working with Bajaj Finance Corporation in Uluru.

A year and a half ago, a baby was born to Pawan and Tejaswini. Pawan’s mother has been with them since then. From then onwards, the locals said verbal wars became a daily routine in their house. Recently, there was a conflict between Pawan and Tejaswini. Last Thursday (June 14) Pawan went to Shirdi While Tejaswini and her daughter were staying along with Pawan’s mother.

During the afternoon, Pawan’s mother had some clash with Tejaswini and when she went to her room to call her daughter-in-law, she as not opened the door. Pawan other called her neighbours who broke the door and found Tejaswi hanging to the fan in her room. Police registered the case.

According to police Anchor, Tejaswini Commits Suicide at her residence in Vijayawada allegedly due to marital discord, had few problems with family members which made her commit suicide