Anasuya reacts Hyper Aadi comedy skit

anasuyaPopular TV show Jabardasth anchor Anasuya reacts on the latest controversy of the show where the standup comedian Hyder Aadi made some derogatory comments on Orphans.

She said, Jabardasth has been part of everyone’s life , it has created history not just in Telugu states or south India but also pan India. Like Baahubali on Big screen , Jabardasth has created sensation in TV industry. The entire team including Nagababu, Roja and the team members are working hard to make the show so much entertaining.One should not pressure down the creativity .

Talking about the skit she said, They have taken Orphanage as base for the skit , it is not a generalised statement made in the skit. One should see the brighter side . If people make issues of everything creativity will be restricted . Jabardasth has no logic just see it in lighter way . There are so many issues like child abuse, girls , educations, roads and many more issues in society . One should not see everything in Magnifying glass and advised people not to overreact .