Anasuya clarifies Allu Arjun controversy

anasuyaPopular TV anchor Anasuya has clarified on the controversy about Allu Arjun for her controversial comments in an interview.

Earlier She said, “Ante, Mega Family aithe…hero ayipothara. Asalu aa patala lo langa voni easi chesaru…Asalu choodalekapoyanu nenu”. “I hated Allu Arjun the most when he made his debut in Tollywood with the film ‘Gangothri’. Can any one can become a Hero just because he belongs to Mega family. I just got irritated with his dance moves in the songs of the film in langa-voni attire. But Now , Allu Arjun is my favorite Hero , said the anchor.

When Allu Arjun’s fans screwed her on twitter for her comments she tweeted…. malli tympass start cheseranna maata..chinna pilladiki kuda telusu naa fav evarante first nenu Bunny ani cheptanani..GET A LIFE!
I jus dont get y its alwez me! navvostondi! Avakasam dorikinappudalla I express my admiration towards Bunny even in my shows! Innit?! For god’s sake!#bunny #myfav
Anyway! I justified from my end..u stil want more fun.. Den plz carry on.. I have better thinz to do in lyf..m sure even @alluarjun has! (sic).

Well she might want some more publicity  by making such comments