Anantapur in liquor scanner

Anantapur liquor traders ignore MRP.

Undeterred by ACB’s crackdown on liquor syndicates all over state, liquor traders  patronised by the corrupt congress leaders  are fleecing the drinkers by selling alcohol beyond Maximum Retail Price in Anantapur district.

Liquor traders are doing brisk business by lulling the officials to sleep with bribes. There are 236 liquor shops and nine bars in the district. On an average, traders are purchasing Rs 40 crore worth liquor from the Government every month.

In fact, cheap liquor should be sold at Rs 47 per nib and Rs 85 to 92 for branded liquor. On the contrary, traders are collecting Rs 50 to Rs 70 more on each nib. The traders claiming that they bagged tenders for higher bids and they would incur losses if liquor was sold at MRP.

It is learnt that officials and traders have reached a clandestine agreement to sell the liquor at arbitrary prices. The extent of liquor sale has reached out even to children by violating the norms.

Anantapur is also known for smuggling of non duty paid liquor in large size, of almost 30 percent of sales.