Anam shifts hope from Chiranjeevi to Balakrishna

Anam-Vivekananda-ReddyNellore politician Anam Vivekananda Reddy, who recently joined TDP quitting the Congress party , wants to fulfill his dream by acting in films. He is known to be ‘political artist’ for his variety getups in real life.

Earlier when Chiranjeevi came to Nellore, he has reportedly  promised Anam to give a chance in his 150th. But that remained unfulfilled till date .

Anam later signed a film titled Kshamapana, which went to floors and shelved. Anam was supposed to play a Lawyer role in that film . But adma followers did not like the title of the film. The producer of the film suffered 30 Lakhs losses by erecting set in Nellore college and shooting for few days.

Now after joining TDP, It is confirmed that Anam might not fulfill his dream to act in Chiranjeevi 150, as the mega star belongs to Congress and might not entertain this TDP leader.

However Anam has put lot of hopes on Balakrishna’s 100th film and he has reportedly changed his getup like Balakrishna’s “Legend ” after joining TDP.