Amma Theaters coming soon

amma-theatersTamilnadu chief minister Jayalalitha has started many schemes like Amma Canteens, Amma Water, Amma Grinders & Mixers and Amma Mobiles etc for the people of Tamil Nadu.

Now she is providing entertainment for the people of Tamilnadu at a low cost . The Greater Chennai Corporation decided a few months ago to launch Amma theatres in the city to provide low-cost entertainment. As a first step in this direction, two ‘Amma Theatres’ are about to open in chennai at Shenoy Nagar and T.Nagar.

WIth a minimal seating capacity for 150-200 members, these theatres will have a very low ticket price ranging between 10 to 30 Rupees only ,giving Multiplex feel to the audience.