Amit Shah’s son 100 cr defamation on ‘The Wire’ website

jay-shahBJP president Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah to file criminal defamation suit of Rs. 100 cr against author(of article), editor & owner of news website The Wire.

‘The Wire’ published an article titled “The Golden Touch of Jay Amit Shah” authored by Ms. Rohini Singh. The website alalged that the Turnover of a company owned by Shah’s son increased 16,000 times over in the year. It has jumped from just Rs 50,000 to over Rs 80,00,00,000 in a single year.

Reacting to this, Jay Shah stated, “Since the website has proceeded in making an absolutely false imputation in a highly slanted article thereby damaging my reputation I have decided to prosecute Author, Editor/(S) and the Owner/(s) of the aforesaid news website for criminal defamation and sue them for an amount of Rs. 100 crores. Both the actions will be filed at Ahmedabad where I stay, carry on my business and where the cause of action has arisen.”.