Amit Shah key meeting with Rammohan Naidu

rp_Amit-Shah-300x206-300x206-300x206-300x206-1-300x206-300x206.jpgBJP national president Amit Shah accompanied by TDP MP Rammohan Naidu and State Planning Commission Vice President Raju Rao held discussion for about half an hour on state bifurcation promises.

This meeting has taken place in the backdrop of a deadline set by the AP government on bifurcation promises. Though there are no political reasons for this meeting, the matter seems to be running in the midst of a burgeoning communication gap between central and state governments.

The state government has expressed concern over the central government’s failure to fulfil its commitments to the Andhra Pradesh, not a single step taken in the special package, and not a rupee given to the Andhra Pradesh government.

TDP MPs on the same issue had a strong protest in the Budget session of Parliament. There is a possibility that a statement will be posted by TDP by March 5. This meeting has been interesting in the wake of the Parliament Budget Session beginning on 5th of this month. The meeting was held today in the wake of the fact that TDP has clearly stated that there is a need for a clear statement in the Railway zone, Kadapa steel factory and a clear statement of funds to the state.

The issues discussed in this meeting are mainly revenue deficit, railways, a steel factory in Kadapa and special package funds. These four issues are mainly discussed in this meeting. On the other hand, Amit Shah has been informed by the Arun Jaitley that the affairs of the Finance Department were also to be discussed.