Ambati to contest as MLA

Ambati Rambabu has got more than his share of limelight after he threw his weight behind Jagan Mohan Reddy. Now the former APIIC chairman and YSR loyalist has become the face of the YSR Congress Party.

Though there have bee rumours of his being kept at a distance from the close coterie of Jagan, especially after the sordid episode telecast on ABN channel, the irrepressible leader is unfazed. He believes his new-found popularity among Jagan followers will ensure a good place in future.

So much so that Rambabu wants to get back to electoral politics. Rambabu won as MLA only once in 1989. Subsequently he lost in 1994 and 1999. He chose not to contest in 2004 and later even in 2009. But now with things looking up for Jagan’s party, Ambati Rambabu wants to contest for an MP seat.

However, Jagan told him that he was more suitable for the Assembly. He asked Rambabu to prepare to contest as an MLA. Though the seat – probably Repalle in Guntur district – is not yet confirmed, Rambabu for sure will be in the fray in the next general elections.