Ambati statements can’t be taken Seriously :Sabbam

If someone says this, we might have take it as a counter, but what if an insider of the same party utters this. A staunch Jagan loyalist and follower of YSR Congress Party, is saying these words. Have a look!
Responding to the comments made by Ambati about Jagan’s arrest and the turn-of-events after arrest, Ex-Congress leader and Jagan Loyalist Sabbam Hari has said like this. ‘As a loyalist and top brass of YSR Congress party, Ambati will react stringently to the accusations on his party boss. They can’t be taken seriously anyway’, Sabbam said. Reacting on Jagan’s arrest news, he may get arrested or he might not, that depends on the evidence CBI procures, he added.
Analysts are saying that YSC Congress is practicing double standards, by being both accusers and condemners. How can they sound two ways about their leader’s arrest, while it is unavoidable. A transaction of huge amount, that too illegal investment from a foreign company into Jagan’s firm is itself enough to nail him, a High court lawyer stated. ‘The CBI is just looking to close all escape doors for Jagan before it makes an arrest’, he adds.