Ambati Rambabu Go Back in Kadapa

Ambati Rambabu the mouth piece of Jagan’s Party  for the first time had to face the irk of people in kadapa today

As Jagan Mohan Reddy was in custody for past few days,  Jagan’s Mother and sister were brought into election campaingn as war leads of their party from YSRCP.  Even through they started campaign , YSRCP has decided Ambati Ram Babu to campaign for party thinking he has good face value  as he always appears on Sakshi on daily basis.

But scene was completely reversed when Ambati landed into battle field of political campaign at Kadapa . Kadapa meant to be Jagan’s home district and is strong hold for YSRCP . When Ambati entered a village for political campaign  in kadapa people surrounded him and started shouting slogans “Ambati Go Back” this sudden protest from people irritated him and drama continued for more than 3 hours later and atlast Ambati had to leave that place with out campaigning.