Ambati cries for YSR schemes

The Congress has stooped to a new low by trying to hijack many of the welfare schemes implemented by late Y S Rajasekahra Reddy though it has to cut a sorry figure when questioned as to why the same schemes have never found presence in any of the Congress-ruled states, the YSR Congress party alleged today. Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and other leaders claiming that YSR had only implemented Arogyasri and other welfare measures, drafted by the Party and Congress President Sonia Gandhi, did not stand the scrutiny of time as in no other Congress ruled states were the schemes implemented, party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters at a press conference here this evening. He said it was sheer hijacking of the populist image of YSR. Free power to farmers, Muslim reservations, Aarogyasri, 104, 108 and other schemes were introduced by YSR for the first time in the country and Congress staking claim is nothing short of usurping the good work done by YSR with political motives, he said. Mr Azad, who was Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and Union Health Minister, was at a loss for words if questioned why he did not implement Muslim reservations and Aarogyasri in Jammu and Kashmir or other states, Mr Rambabu said.