Ambati arrested while trying to meet Mudragada

ambatiKapu movement leader and former minister Mudaragada Padmanabham is all set to start his padayatra after being house arrested.

YSRCP leaders including Ambati Rambabu, Routhu Surya Prakash, Jakkampudi Raja, Thota Subbarao Naidu and Sunkata Chini who were on their way to Kirlampudi to meet Kapu movement leader, arrested by the police.

Ambati Rambabu condemned their arrest and confided that the employment of police forces could not suppress Kapu movement. He said , House arresting is not democratic. He also raised doubts over Mudragada’s safety. He criticized the Government for hindering the peaceful Styagraha Padayatra of Mudragada and deploying the police .