Amala Paul to get one crore per flick ?

Despite having a successful run in Kollywood with her recent releases, Amala Paul has signed just one film here. However, in Tollywood, the actress is already committed to three films and is scheduled to sign one more soon. So, is the promise of big bucks luring this dusky actress to Tolly wood, as the grapevine suggests?

An industry source, on condition of anonymity, reveals, “Amala has been much in demand inTollywood post the success of ‘Love Failure’, and she’s been offered good roles with leading stars. Apart from this, her remuneration is also much higher when compared to that in Kollywood. She was paid just about 17 lakhs for one of her Tamil releases this year. But her salary in Tollywood, even though it doesn’t touch the crore mark, is way higher.”