Allu Sirish undergone surgery

allu-sirish-28855Allu Sirish’s comeback film after two years title Srirastu Subhamastu ,is having positive buzz among trade circles. But What could be the reason for his gap? and why it took two years for him , Here is the intertsing story.

During the shooting of his debut film Gouravam in 2013, he had an injury , despite of the injury he went for Kotha Janta film . The pain worsened and at one point of stage he was even unable to walk .

on advise of Doctor he went for a surgery that took more than 5 months to become normal. Later , Solo and Anjaneyulu fame Parasuram approached him with a good point and it took another 5 months to develop it into a good story .

Later pre production and followed by shooting took so much time ie 2 years to end up with third film. Sirish plays a happy-go-lucky guy in the film . The film is alls et to relase this friday.