Allu Sirish reveals Gauravam story synopsis

Ramcharan has launched the trailer of Gauravam staring Allu Sirish and yami Gautam in lead roles , directed by Radha Mohan and produced by Prakash Raj today. Ramcharan, Allu sirish, Bandla Ganesh, Dil Raju, Allu Arvind, Radha Mohan, Chinni Krishna attended this launch event.

Speaking on this occasion, Bandla Ganesh wished Sirsh saying, Sirsh will become a big star. Writer Chinni Krishan said, I was awe after listening to Gauravam story it will be on the lines of ‘Pratighatana’ movie. BVNS Ravi said, How a normal guys turns into hero handling a issue …is the main plot of the film. This film will be great start for Allu sirish career.

Director Radha Kirshna said, Thanks to Dil Raju, Nagarjuna , they are my well wishers and thanks to Allu Arvind for his support. Allu Sirish worked very hard for the film . Producer Dil Raju said, Allu sirsh showed his guts by trying a different film .

Allu Arvind said, I have 3 sons and all the three are three varieties. Chiranjeevi influenced Bunny to become a hero but Allu Sirish came to me after listening to this script and told his decision to become a hero.

Ramcharan said,me and Sirsh share intimacy like Chiranjeevi and Allu arvind used to share. Sirish always think much and then takes decision.

Allu Sirish said, Although, Ecvery one thought I would be launched by Getha Arts, but when Radha Krishna narrated the script, Unknowingly I got connected to the character. There will be no introduction of the hero in the film, Hero is just another character and this character turns into Hero in second half. Its a story about find a his friend in a village and how the people react of safeguard there caste . Romantic scenes, fights will attract the audience. The movie will release on April 19th.