Allu Sirish Beauty Gyan to Charan

From some time, Allu Sirish seems to have become little inactive on Twitter. After a very long time, this Mega compound boy has tweeted something interesting about Beauty of a Man, who in this case happens to be ramcharan. The tweet from Charan says, ‘I know I can’t look as beautiful as my co-star tamana but then looking at sameer reddy’s(my cinematographer) work I can re-think.thank u sam.’

It’s pretty clear. Subject was about how beautiful ramcharan was made to look in ‘Rachcha’ competing with Tammu. In no time, Allu Sirish responded tweeting, ‘@Alwayscharan Mogodiki andham tho pani enti brother.. Magatanam, kasi, manchitanam, satta: anni neeku bholledu.. Ave chalu ;)’ Well, there are whole a lot of enlightening meanings embedded in this single tweet from Sirish and one can take it in their own sense