‘Allu’ Joins YSR Congress Party

Jagan’s party is wooing many leaders in the Coastal corridor with each passing day. Latest person to join their list is TDP scion Allu Venkata Satyanarayana.
A prominent leader from Palakol area, Allu Venkata Satyanarayana today took YSR CP ‘teertham’ in the presence of Jagan. With his entry into the party, the caste based votes in Palakol may split. Allu hails from prominent Kapu community which is in domination in the area. Till now, he is elected four times as an MLA on the ticket of Telugudesam party between 1983-99.
Insiders are saying that TDP seniors are ignoring Allu and sidelining Kapus in the party affairs, hence he took this decision. On the other hand YSR-CP is intensifying attacks on Chandrababu and Congress for the raised electricity charges.