Allu Arvind and Rajamouli warns against piracy

piracyTelugu producer Allu Aravind along with director Rajamouli held a press meet against piracy of the movies.

Arvind said, For the first time they have introduced,a special monitoring cell has been stated around 350 services providers has been mobilized to control online piracy. The cell will be having link with all the service providers and it will easily identify the details of the piracy act. He warned the theater owners to have a check on recorders as the consequences would be worst for them as they have decided too ban the theaters for one year. He cautioned theater owners not to encourage piracy.

Rajamouli said that film print have become digital now which has the watermark, so it would be easy for them tracing those who are indulging in such criminal activities. The forensic report will reveal the fraud act with date and time of recording. He asked the theaters owners to check their employees . He informed that Bangalore police have arrested top 9 culprits who indulge in piracy.