Allu Arjun’s team denies allegations on Chicago event

Allu-Arjun (1)Stylish star Allu Arjun’s team denies the allegations made by members of the event that held in Chicago in Uthe USA

Allegations that , At the event held in Chicago Convention Centre, Allu Arjun locked himself in Hotel room and came to stage and spent only 25 minutes , which ended up as a huge disappointment for 4000 gathered audience . He was unfriendly at Chicago event, alleged.

AA team clarified that The only reason Allu Arjun turned up late was because the organisers had asked him to wait till they set up the sound system due to a technical glitch.

One cannot expect Allu Arjun to pose with 4000 people gathered out there. However he took selfies with more than 200 people.The purpose of his visit was just to meet and greet fans , said AA team.