Allu Arjun’s son’s shocks with Sardaar act

allu-arjunAllu Arjun’s son Ayaan accidentally posts a song from Sardar Gabbar Singh on Allu Arjun’s Twitter account.

Allu Arjun tweeted …Oh my god ! Shocking! My son was listening to songs in my phone iTunes a while ago. The next thing I see is Sardaar song in my Twitter acc.It’s impossible to do it. It took my 10 mins to figure out how he did it. He does’nt know anything on the phone. Just pureeee luck. Unreal.

Should me more careful from now on. I am still in shock ! Really shockeddd. My wife said : Thank god ! It’s was a Pawan Kalyan song ???????????? imagine if it was someone else’s song ???????????? (sic)