Allu Arjun’s inspirational speech at Traffic awareness program

allu-arjun-trafficStylish star Allu Arjun and sensational director SS Rajamouli have shared a stage for a cause. The duo attended Traffic awareness program at SathyaSai Nigamam in Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad.

Speaking on this occasion, Allu Arjun thanked Hyderabad traffic for organizing the awareness program. Rajampouli is more authorized to speak about this program because he was the one who was controlling traffic when everyone was partying during new year eve.

He shared his story of motivation, He conveyed three important things, 1. “I am the change” – Either Rules should be so strict, but in India, it is not possible, In India, one should get self-motivated. 2. Drink and drive – Youngsters are very responsible, it is not cool to drink and …drive, Instead, pick a taxi or call a bakra friend who doesn’t drink alcohol to drive the car. 3. While holding the steering of the car, you should remember that you are the in charge of other person’s life.

If you want to really want to be a hero and risk your life, tie a rope and walk on it, u may fall that’s secondary. But on road, playing with other person’s life is not heroism.