Allu Arjun praises Vijetha film

vijethaMegastar Chiranjeevi’s son-in-law Kalyan Dev debut movie ‘Vijetha’, Malavika Nair is the heroine. Rajani Korrapati produced it on Varachi Chalana Chitram and Rakesh Shashi is the director.

The film was released successfully on July 12th. The film ‘Vijetha’held ‘Victory Triumph’ on Sunday at Hotel Dussapalla in Hyderabad. Stylish star Allu Arjun was the chief guest of the event. Kalyan Dev hero, heroine Malavika Nair, actors, Murli Sharma, Rajiv Kanakala, cameramen KK Senthil Kumar, director Rakesh Sasi, Sai Korrapati producer, art director Ramakrishna have participated.

Allu Arjun Speaking said that He really liked the film ‘Vijetha’ very much. He congratulated producer Sai Korraptti for making small and big films. He has a great respect for him and announced to do a film in Varahi banner if they come with a good script. Harshavardhan Music, Senthil Kumar Photography, Rakesh’s Taking, Sai Korrrapati’s Making Values, Ramakrishna sets the main strengths of the film, “Arjun praised.

Arjun said that He personally like Kalyan and wondered how he would do the first film. He said He has not seen Kalyan in the film, rather he saw the role. In the Emotional scenes, Murali Sharma has done well. Director Rakesh ‘s second film but was very well made.