Allu arjun Pakado Pakado..Julayi song in UKUP movie interval

One of the happening stylish Mega-star from clan faces a recognition problem now. This happens in the movie theaters in Andhra Pradesh, where the screening of ‘Uh Koda Tara Ulikki Padatara’ going on.

It is enormously announced that the trailers of ‘Gundello Godari’ will be released along with UKUP a long time. Surprisingly, the latest Allu Arjun’s’ Pakado Pakado ‘music video for’ Julayi “also released, along with UKUP. However, this video starts suddenly during the interval and those who know nothing about this fail to recognize it.

Because the video is a bit confusing with Devisri and Arjun do ‘crazy’ dancing, by the time people the thrill of this Mega hero, the number is getting ready. That is why they say that the timing and trimming must be done well to have someone to take in public. On the other hand, do not treat this sudden miracles for our Stylish-Hero.