Allu Arjun and Jr.NTR executing Escape plan ?

ntr-allu-arjun-1According to latest buzz from T- Town, Actors Allu Arjun and Jr. NTR are executing Escape plan with regard to their previous commitments given to filmmakers.

Tamil director Linguswamy and Ace Telugu writer Vakkantham Vamsi have being waiting for a nod from Allu Arjun and NTR for past few years. Both have readied their scripts keeping the image of the star heroes.

But both these stars have reportedly referred each other’s names to the aspiring directors . Allu Arjun referred NTR’s name to Lingaswamy while NTR redfred Allu Arjun’s name to Vamsi. Interestingly both had listened to the scripts and yet to give nods.

Allu Arjun and NTR have friendly relationship with each other and might had exchanged their scripts , is also a talk in the industry.