Allu Arjun fulfills wish of cancer patient Mastan Bee

alluarjunStylish Star Allu Arjun fulfilled the wish of a patient 65-year-old fan Mastan Bee, by visiting her at her residence in Vijayawada. Mastani is suffering for cancer.

The actor came to know about her through a TV channel and a link in social media. He immediately asked his manager to arrange his transport to Vijayawada.

Mastan Bee was a huge fan of Allu Arjun’s grandfather Allu Ramalingaiah, She says she has became a big fan of Allu Arjun later and her last wish is to meet Allu Arjun. She prepared Payasam for Allu Arjun.

Allu Arjun was saddened about her health condition and told her to be strong . He said, He has come to Vijayawada , just to see her as her condition is not good.

when Mastan Bee expressed her desire to meet her favourite actor, TV 9 channel took initiative to reach the news to the actor.