Allu Aravind Promotes Sirish in place of Varun Tej

Mega Brother Nagababu has been trying so hard to introduce his son Varun Tej as hero from many days. Varun has undergone training and is raring to jump on to the silver screen. But his entry is somehow being delayed. Grapevine has it that Allu Aravind is the man who is behind the delay!  Buzz says that the mega producer wants his younger son Allu Sirish to be introduced as hero prior to Varun.

Allu Sirish is all set to make his debut as an actor this year. We have to wait and see if mega fans laps up this lad who doesn’t have hero looks. On the other hand, Varun Tej is a six foot tall handsome young man. He is undoubtedly the best looker among the younger generation mega heroes. If he gets introduced first, Allu Sirish will find it extremely difficult to draw the attention of fans and audiences.

Same theory was applied for Allu Arjun. He made entry into films very early and cemented his place as a hero before Ram Charan made debut. Today, as expected Charan is being give the first preference from fans and Allu Arjun too is in a safe place as a safe bet hero.