All promises made to AP will be implemented : Arun Jaitley

rp_arun-jaitely-1-300x237-1-300x237-300x237-1-300x237-300x237-1-300x237.jpgFinance minister Arun Jaitley gave a statement on Andhra Pradesh issue which is boiling with agitations in Parliament for last few days.

He said, “We promised package for Andhra Pradesh during the separation of the state. This promise was made in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, says Finance Minister Arun Jaitley speaking in the parliament on TDP’s demand for financial assistance to Andhra Pradesh. The package involved several aspects, many of which were implemented. Some others aspects are work in progress and funds will be given for building institutions in Andhra Pradesh”.

He added” We are working with Andhra Pradesh officials over giving funds through Nabard as requested the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. The officials will discuss the possibilities with the state government “.