Ali wants to act with Rani Mukerji

Ali wants to act with Rani Mukerji

Veteran comedian Ali wants to act with Rani Mukerji?

Rekha would have been his first choice, but now she is, perhaps, retired. Ali, who started his career as a child artiste has been in the industry since long and played lead role in a couple of pictures.

Known for his mischievous eyes and expressions with a dimple on his cheek, besides rib-tickling dialogue, Ali has always been on the funny side of any show. Apart from acting, he is busy being an anchor in game shows and in audio and felicitation functions.

In one of the game shows, a young girl asked him who he would want as heroine to act opposite him, given a chance. The seasoned artiste instead asked the girl whom she would suggest. The girl said Aishwarya Rai Bachchan would be fine. “She would be too short for me,” replied Ali satirically.

“I would like to act with Rani Mukerji. She has acted with two generation of stars and was last seen in No One Killed Jessica in a meaty role. Rekha could have been my first choice, but since she is not active nowadays, we cannot hope for that”, Ali said and quickly turned to the game show proceedings.