Ali to sue Annapurna Sunkara

Ali-Annapurna-SunkaraInternet sensation, NRI girl Annapurna Sunkara, who recently made derogatory comments on Actor Ali in her uploaded video on YouTube terming  Ali a ‘Dunnapothu’, has become talk of the town.

In her video Annapurna said that, Ali makes sexiest commets on heroines in audio functions and speak about Heroines bodies and dresses. She also reportedly  alleged that, Ali has doctorate but no common sense.

Ali is also planning to initiate legal action against Annapurna,. He said , She is not only talking bad about me, but against the whole film industry. It is in very bad on her part to make such comments and he is proceeding legally, said Ali.

Annapurna also reportedly accused Ali of paying for his doctorate. Reacting on this commest Ali said, Annapurna should come to India and prove that he had paid for his Doctorate or face legal action. Ali also warned action on websites for publishing baseless articles against him

Tollywood director, Gollapati Nageswara Rao, who made films like ‘Bhoo Lokam to Yamalokam’ and ‘Top rankers’ films also warned of Defamation case against Annapurna. He also demanded an apology to Ali.