Ali drags Mahesh Babu into Anushka controversy ?

ali-reactsTollywood comedian Ali defends his nasty comments on Anushka’s Thighs comparing with “Hot jalebi’ during film audio function of Size Zero film.

He questioned, With what right Anupama (girl who criticised Ali on social networking site) calls him “Rey” ? He said , He was hurt by the comments made in audio launch on his hand fracture.He wondered as why he has been targeted for normal comments .

According to some V6 Telugu channel Ali has reportedly said that,  No one has questioned Mahesh Babu when he commented on Anushka’s butttocks , referring to Trivikram’s film Kaleja where Mahesh teased Anushka with a dialogue.‘Deni Pikkalu chusava..Bhayya’ in Khaleja.