Akhil’s smart move to avoid clash with Mega heroes

73530-charan-akhil-alluTeam Akhil of Akkineni Akhil’s debut film Akhil are playing a safe game without going for egoes and digging their own pit .

Akhil Akkineni is a highly anticipated film may postpone as the makers are getting pressure from exhibitors and distributors  to postpone the film from OCT 22 release.

Since Gunasekhar’s Rudhramadevi staring Anushka and Allu Arjun to release with much hype on October 9th followed by Ramcharan’s most awaited film Bruce Lee the fighter on October 16th. There would be no scope for the exhibitors to accommodate another film in Dussehra seas as both the films are having positive talk among trade circles.

It would be a smart move for the makers to postpone Akhil by a week or two , instead of messing up the things in wrong direction . An official announcement on postponement would be made very soon .