Akhil to rule Tollywood for next 40 years

akhil-2Actor, Akkineni Akhil’s debut film titled ‘Akhil-The Power Of Jua’ audio platinum disc event held  at Port stadium in Visakhapatnam .

Speaking on this occasion Producer Bandla Ganesh said that, Akhil is going to rule the Tollywood for next 40 years . He will be a star till Nov 11 and after Akhil film release , He is going to become a Superstar.

He said, He watched the film and it was extraordinary . It is worth of paying Rs.500 for the ticket – 100 for dances, 100 – for first song , 100 for Interval block, 100 for fights and 100 for performance.

Akhil film will reach all the expectations and stand  higher than everest . He said, He prayed for Akhil to become the super star. He said, Akhil film is going to break all the records of debut hero’s films.