Akhil pours water on high expectations

akhil45g4fd_5fActor Akkineni Akhil is trying to bring down high expectations on his debut film titled Akhil- The power of Jua, by stating that ‘Akhil’ film is not a socio-Fantasy film.

He said, Akhil film is just a high octane action film and does not have aliance spaceships or fantasy world.  The key element of the plot is Sun’s power and the elements like air,water,sky…  . There wont be any kind thing fantasy like in Nagarjuna’s damarukam film.

The director of the film Vinayak also confirmed that same stating that this film is a commercial film with comedy and romance and its run time is 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Meanwhile Akhil audio platinum disc celebrations to be held on November 8th at 6pm onwards at port kalavani auditorium in Visakhapatnam. The movie will be released on November 11th along with Nagarjuna’s ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ trailer in the interval.