Akhil Movie Review – ‘Jua’ Bounces

akhil-poster1Film : Akhil
Star Cast : Akhil Akkineni, Sayesha Saigal
Producer : Nitin,Sudhakar Reddy
Director : VV Vinayak
Music : SS Thaman, Anup Rubens
TeluguSquare.com : 2.75/5


To save the earth from Sun’s heat, Ancient people makes a power called Jua- it’s a scientific ball (which stops Global Catastrophe from powerful UV rays) . They give the responsibility of the ball to a african tribe “Jua ” living on the equator region . A russian Kathrochi (Mahesh Manjrekar) attacks the tribe for ball. To save the ball , An african hides the ball in a lake.

Akhil is an orphan with no flashback falls in love with Divya (Sayesha), the daughter of Mahesh Manjrekar, a businessman in Hyderabad. Sayesha also goes abroad (UK)  where both romance each other.  Mambo kidnaps Sayesha as she treats a wounded tribal lad with Jua’s information  and takes her to the Africa and Akhil lands in africa, teams up with Johnson & Johnson (Brahmanandam) to save Divya and also save the  earth from catastrophe on a solar eclipse day.Will Akhil save her? ,How Akhil turns saviour of Humanity?


Akhil screen presence in his debut film is fantastic, His fights, dances with a ease is wonderful. He is very energetic throughout the film. Sayesha was gorgeous . Akhil and Sayesha chemistry is good. Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore , Rajendra Prasad tried to create laughs, Saptagiri impressed with his short comedy scene.


One wonders Director VV Vinayak why the this story has been chosen for a star kid Akhil’s launch. Lets say its a socio-fantasy type film, but it should have some gripping narration which doenst be seen in the film . The director has missed the something to make so many blunders. A scene where Akhil performance Heart operation to Sayesha’s Rabbit’ Cho Cho’ using directions of Rajendra prasad on mobile.  In one more scene where Heroine tells that she came to UK to kill Vellana Kishore friends , who spoiled her marriage. Other scenes Rajendra pRasad is not in a position to gather two lakhs for his mother’s operation being a dean . Another scene Tribes in Africa connect to Akhil seeing his sun locked on his neck are very unconvincing.  Nagarjuna’s guest appearances in a song was pleasant. Anupu Robin’s music was good and Mani Sharma’s BGM did not turn into plus for the film., its not up to the mark. Amole Rhode cinematography is excellent especially in picturising songs.

Akhil’s launch is not a easy task as Akkineni fans are waiting for this day for last 10 years . expectation are very high for Akhil entry . This over expectations has created over pressure for the makers of the film and it has reflected on the film. Akhil’s leaked action scenes has also took the exceptions to peaks. Despite of boarding a commercial director like Vinayak, who is known to be best launch pad for star kid, Industry ace writer Kona Venkat, Three Music directors … They could not make the a impressive launch for Akhil.

Although Akhil impressed with his dances and exhibited his 6 pack type body but the result was not so encouraging. It’s not Hero & Heroism which gives success, the most important thing is the Story which bring success to any film. Is this a story for a Debut Hero? , Expects who have decided should tell. Nitin has spent too much money on production which can be seen on screen .


Akhil Dances & fights
Heroines  glamour
Brahmanandam’s comedy in second half
Nagarjuna’s entry in Climax

Story & Screenplay
Chemistry between lead pair
Second half.

The first half of the film was engaging and second half was slow and dragging . .  Akhil’s Climax fight with Parana type fishes in the lake was superb. Overall a half baked film to impress Akkineni fans only


Half Baked Fantasy