Akbar’s clever move to checkmate police

MIM leader Akbaruddin Owasi after his derogatory remakes went to London and returned to Hyderabad today early morning.

Akbar, is supposed to attend the Nirmal police station as a case was booked and police served notices to him giving a dead line But, Akbar crossed the dead line by not reporting at concerned police station.

Akbar, Instead of attending has sent his lawyers to the police station and on his behalf, the lawyers gave a letter stating that Akbar cannot report on health grounds and requested them to give him time for 4 days. Now the police is in dilemma whether to give him time or not.

If Police give him some time , it can send wrong singles to Hindus at the same time if they arrests Akbar, MIM will take it as advantage to create ruckus in old city.